Pig Dyke Molly : The Music - 2009

An album of The Pig Dyke band in 2008 and 2009 with:

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Sound clips (MP3, about 1 min each)

Track List

  1. Plug Holes (New Bathroom Suite)
  2. Plug Holes (Gloucester Hornpipe)
  3. Crew Cut (Yarmouth Breakdown)
  4. Pig Swill (Robin's nest/Bound of the Fox)
  5. Swarm (The Oak Leaves)
  6. Don't Watch (Square Brackets)
  7. Inevitable, but not a Taxi (King of the Fairies)
  8. Burn The Short Curtains (Smash The Windows)
  9. Pig Swill (Pig Flu Blues)
  10. Old Broom (Road to...)
  11. Bag of Chips (Savage Hornpipe)
  12. Crew Cut (Grey Mare's Tail)
  13. New Broom (Whitchurch Hornpipe/Shrewsbury Waltz)
  14. Yaxley's Last Stand (Bartok Rumanian Dance)
  15. Ethel's Cats (Robin Griggs' original tune)
  16. Moral Turpitude(Jack The Horse Courser's Hornpipe)

Comments & reviews

Thanks for the CD - it arrived shortly after your email.

It's great and as an ex (Cotswold) morris dancer living in Scotland its great to hear dance music.

Also I owe you a great deal of thanks. My 14 year old daughter is very much into folk music but when she has it on in the car she constantly talks over it. The other night we went out to a singing gig together with you music playing in the car. Other than to say she was dancing around the kitchen to your music while making an apple pie she didn't say a thing! Thanks!!!



Pig Dyke Molly