Pig Dyke Molly

Dancers from the Fens in Glorious Black and White

Musicians and dancers are always welcome to join. Come for a 'taster' any practice night: Monday nights at the Fletton Club, Fletton, Peterborough PE2 9EH. If you want to let us know you are coming, see contact us for details and a map.

Start your Whittlesey Straw Bear weekend the friendly Fringe way!

Pig Dyke Molly will do what it does every year to celebrate the start of the 2024 Straw Bear festival, the best weekend of the year. As every year for about 25 years (so far) we will run our fringe event (not in the Straw Bear programme – be part of our secret club if you come) - an informal, friendly evening at St Andrew’s Hall Whittlesey on Friday 12th January, from 8-11.30.

Reasons YOU have to be there:

BE THERE or…er…don’t. But you need to be there!
Holmfirth Festival, 2018
Many more photos on the Pics+Video page.

We would love to have your photos of Pig Dyke Molly to show here or in the photo galleries. See contact page for instructions.

Latest News

Wed 25 Oct, 2023

We are delighted that Peterborough Museum has decided to use January to celebrate molly dancing in general and Pig Dyke in particular. The exhibition will run throughout January and will include photos, video, dressed mannequins and lots of information about the history of both Molly and Pig Dyke. We will dance at the museum on Saturday 20th January.

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Next public appearance
2023-12-09 : Whittlesey Extravaganza


Pig Dyke Molly