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Pig Dyke Molly: Trip to Bourges, July 2009

On July 2-7, 2009 we were invited to Bourges in central France by our friends, the dance group Notre Berry. They entertained us splendidly, we danced on three days and Notre Berry also danced with us at a mediaeval fair. Many people took lots of photos: these are a selection.

There are now many more excellent photos on the Notre Berry site and Tom and Sarah have a Gallery on Facebook with some good pictures too.

Boot fair
boot fair: new broom
Boot Fair
Boot fair: band
Boot fair group photo
French recruit for PDM
(French) Rose
aquatic wildlife
Tim, after swim
Dez and Maria
Tim and Chris
Covered market - session
session at market place
session at market place
Marais boat trip
Sarah - Mediaeval Fair
Philippa - mediaeval fair
Mediaval Fair
Mediaeval fair
Mediaeval Fair
Glen - mediaeval fair
Chris - mediaeval fair
Mary - mediaeval fair
Mediaeval Fair
Tony - mediaeval fair
broom dance - med. fair
Mediaeval fair
Helen - mediaeval fair
François, mediaeval fair
Laurette, mediaeval fair
Rémy, mediaeval fair
Monique - Mehun med Fair
Raphael - mediaval fair
Mediaeval fair - Jacques
Vénus - mediaeval fair
Notre Berry dance
Notre Berry dance
Kevin the spotty dog
Pig Dyke, med. fair
Philippa - med. fair
Ruth - mediaeval fair
Jamie - Mediaeval fair
Mediaeval fair - Kit + Serena
Mediaeval fair - Notre Berry dance
Mediaeval Fair - tower
Musicians happy pile
Ron 'n' Rose
Rémy, Chris, François
The Beer Monk
Mary, at Mehun
Mehun - stone balancer
Le Moulin
Music outside the Mill
Mill from the back
Feasting in the mill
The Cathedral at night
Old Bourges at Night
Bourges angels
More angels
Museé Estève, Bourges
Mic at Le Plaix
Le Plaix, old photos
George Sand portrait
Tim and Jamie
Jacques and Vénus
Pig Dyke Molly